India LED Lighting Market Outlook, 2022 - Research and Markets

Indian lighting market has seen positive trends in the past years and so did the LED lighting market. The LED lighting industry which was struggling in the initial years to get a market has finally seen a tremendous rise in the market share in just last 3 years.
LED lighting market has literally increased in a very steep manner and the major factor behind this was the government's initiatives of providing LED light 9W bulbs at a cheaper rate than the market as well as the program for replacing the traditional street lights with LED street lights.
The other factors which have made this significant impact are the advertisements for increasing the awareness of LED lights amongst the people as well as the new architectural designs which has boost up the growth of LED Panel and LED Down lights.
Philips and Surya Roshni have been emerged as the big players in the LED lighting market acquiring almost 30% of the total market share while Havells and Bajaj are also significant players.