National LED Light Day

7 October is National LED Light Day and may prove to be an unusually illuminating day.
We are all born as incredible light detectors able to intuitively see the difference between colours and brightness. Lighting professionals know that much of human sensation is visual, and people respond emotionally to light and colour. That is the reason they use it to draw us in – like a moth to a glowing light. The power of LED lighting affects us all in an emotional, economic and environmental way.
LED lighting has the ability – unlike other light sources – to create a more appealing display for a variety of environments, thus affecting our emotions. If you drive by two petrol stations, the first one illuminated throughout by bright LED lights and the other one’s lights varying from yellow to white with a dim panel in between, you’re more likely to go to the first one. That is because its consistent colour creates a comforting, clean, secure and high-quality environment – even if you are not conscious of that decision.
LED lights are very economical, because their low power consumption, high reliability and long lifespan help save on energy costs and reduce maintenance costs in the long run.
Using LED lights has a smaller impact on our environment because fewer light bulbs are changed, meaning fewer are thrown away. They also aid in reduced greenhouse gas emissions because of their effective use of electricity.