Ambiance plays a very important role in the hospitality industy

Hotel operates as more than a place to stay for traveler, it is the “home away from home”.
Vertex’s down light led music smart control can provide an atmosphere that will earn customer loyalty and increase profits. Our lighting products are special to enhance your visitors’ experience from the moment they enter the hotel.
Ambiance plays a very important role in the hospitality industy. Whether it’s intended to energise guests at a club or entertain dinners in a restaurant, great lighting sets a mood and creats memorable experiences. Vertex’s music smart control for hospitality with inspire and delight people, enhance an enjoyable experience for your guests and staff, and nurture customer loyalty.
Your bathroom serves multiple purposes, and its lighting does as well. We creat a bathroom environment that is bright enough to prep, gentle enough to relax, and entertained enough to enjoy. The bathroom is a showpiece of your home, so make sure it receives the treatment it deserves.