How To Design Bookstore Lighting of Led Downlights

Nowadays, many bookstores and libraries have not only sold books, but also have leisure functions such as coffee areas, exhibition areas, and life aesthetic areas. Therefore, a single lighting can no longer meet the needs of the current bookstore. That's why different kinds of led downlights come up.

In different spatial areas of the bookstore, the lighting methods used are also different. Even in the unified area, the classification of books is divided into different sections, such as children's reading area, popular science book area, and modern literature area, etc.

led downlight for library

The Classification of the Led Downlights

From the perspective of lighting, it is divided into general lighting (also known as background lighting or ambient lighting), district general lighting, local lighting, accent lighting, and hybrid lighting. From the perspective of lighting effects, it can be divided into direct lighting, semi-direct lighting, indirect lighting and diffuse lighting. By lighting design in different environments and creating a lighting environment suitable for each area, it can be fun for every type of readers.

The Selection Of Anti-glare led Downlight

If the brightness of the light is too high and glare will do great harm to the human eye, which will affect the reading interest of the customer. Therefore, we need to choose dimmable downlights or anti-glare downlights, thus creating a comfortable reading environment. When choosing decorative commercial lighting manufacturers, we should consider the overall style and other decorative elements of the bookstore.

Choice of Tilt Downlights

In general, the beam angle is divided into narrow beams of less than 20°, medium beams of greater than 20°less than 40°, and wide beams of greater than 40°. Under the premise of the constant light source, the larger the beam angle, the better the scattering effect, the larger the spot and the weaker the center light intensity. The choice of the beam angle of the luminaire depends on the subject. For example, when illuminating a large-area bookshelf, a wide beam illuminator should be selected to avoid obvious spots appearing on the bookshelf to achieve a soft and even effect. In lighting design, shadows should be prevented in some areas as much as possible, such as purchase, reading, and work.

Illuminance And Color Temperature of smart downlight

No matter what kind of bookstore, illumination is always the most important issue. In the reading area, the illumination must meet 300~500lux to create a comfortable environment for the readers, thus increasing reading interest and stimulating the desire to purchase. In addition, the illumination of other areas such as the rest area, coffee area, and aisle should also be considered.
Color temperature of the smart led downlights is inseparable from people's psychological feelings. When the color temperature is too low, it is easy for people to get tired and make people feel pain. Therefore, the choice of color temperature has higher requirements in the application of bookstores. Some parts of the bookstore that do not need to be viewed for a long time, such as decorations, may select a light source with a lower color temperature, and a place with a longer color temperature, such as a reading area and a cash register area, should use a light source with a higher color temperature.

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