How to Install Spotlights

Nowadays, technology is developing very fast, and many people in life have already liked to shop online, such as LED downlight. But many people don't know how to install the LED light what they liked. What should I do? How to install it? As below, Vertex Lighting will tell you how to install the spotlights and hope to help everyone.

Traditional spotlight installation method:

1.Pencil positioning;
2. Open the hole with the electric hammer and insert the expansion screw;
3. Upper base, pull in the wire, upper fixing screw;
4.Wiring head, then installation spotlight.
Do you feel very troublesome? Vertex Lighting R&D team invented a new installation method - no screw installation, two steps to complete the spotlight installation, saving time and labor. 
Firstly, screw the bracket to the ceiling;
Secondly, lock the lamp onto the bracket.
how to install spotlights
Compared to the traditional spotlights, screw-free design of the Vertex Lighting ceiling spotlights is friendly to lots of people, easy to install and disassemble. It can be applied to living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. 
The above is the installation method of spotlights told by Vertex Lighting and hope to help everyone. For more LED lighting knowledge, please pay attention to Vertex Lighting Website.