Light up your life

The Internet of Things is an ambitious proposition, combining all your personal devices and home appliances into a centrally controlled mesh. It’ll be a while before that becomes a reality, but one part of the puzzle is already here – smart lighting. From lightbulbs that you can sync wirelessly, to speakers that make lights dance, to light-up wearables, let us illuminate your way through this brave new world.
What if we told you that you can have millions of colours in one lightbulb? Not only that, but you commercial lighting manufacturers can sync those colours to your music and mood with Philips Hue. All you need is a few lightbulbs and the lighting hub. The bulbs connect wirelessly to the hub and can throw whatever colour you want. You can opt for soothing cream for your reading, or let it sync with your music to convert your home into a disco, or even set several colours to add some ambience to your evenings. All of these can be controlled from your smartphone through the app. The Hue bulbs cost a bit, but do work with standard fixtures and are well worth it.
Light and sound always go well together, and the new JBL Pulse 3 (left) has taken the LED lighting speaker into lava lamp territory. The Pulse 3 is a cylindrical Bluetooth speaker, partly clad in a cloudy lighting that pulses and moves in various configurations, from the romantic warmth of a fireplace, to the liquid-like coagulations of a lava lamp, to the radiance of a rainbow. All of these pulsate to the beats of your music, creating your own personal mood lighting. With 360-degree sound and top and bottom firing radiators, you can place this in the corner as ambient lighting and your music system. The speakers come with IPX7 waterproofing, so you can take them to the beach, or into the shower to sing along with. With 12 hours battery life, you can keep the party going till the wee hours of the morning.
RGB coloured lighting is the latest trend in PC hardware, with manufacturers like Asus opening the floodgates by incorporating its snazzy LED Aura lighting into its motherboards, graphic cards and even its range of gaming PCs. Even case makers like Cooler Master have RGB-lit fans and PC cases like the MasterBox Lite. In addition to internal components, manufacturers like Razer, Corsair, Asus and Logitech have premium RGB-lit keyboards, mice and even mousepads that sync with your PC lighting to give your gaming rig that added edge.
Apart from smart lighting and speakers that work as lit up centrepieces, you can introduce coloured lighting in several places. Like shower heads that light up, illuminating the water in several colours. You can apply lighting to any tap in the house, including installing lit-up taps to illuminate the sink while you do the dishes. These RGB fittings are available across several online retailers. You can either get the normal ones with a set bunch of colours, or ones with the full RGB spectrum that even change colour based on the temperature of the water.
Lighting does not need to be confined to your home or gaming PC. From earphones that have lit-up wires, to headphones with coloured lighting, to bolder avenues of wearable lighting like RGB eye lashes, you can personalise your look even when you’re outdoors. All you have to do is stick the LED eyelashes over your eyelashes and disguise the tiny wire under your hair. For the more technologically bold, the Flora RGB NeoPixel 2 are LED dots that you can incorporate into your clothing or embroidery to make parts of your clothes light up. You can also adorn your pets with light up collars, which not only illuminate their fur beautifully, but also help identify them in the dark, if you prefer walking them in the night.