New features in Smart Lighting and Marketing

Light bulbs are one of the most common smart home gadgets, especially since they’re simple and relatively inexpensive to set up and add. They’re not all plain and simple, though, and that’s especially true with the Verrtex.
Vertex’s futuristic products go beyond just lighting your home and allow you to create moods and scenes that match the rest of your home. And, since they’re Wifi-connected lights, you can control them with your phone, automate them, or sync them up with other devices on your network.
Vertex’s music smart lighting system includes 3 color temperatures and warm dimming, 3 color temperatures is latest color change technology which allows installers and users to easily and quickly switch from warm white colour appearance, to neutral white and even daylight, simply by switching the main wall switch on and off in quick succession.
This control enables the flexibility to color tune the downlights to suit the room furnishings and surroundings,without the need of multiple products.
The control technology is built into the on-board driver and has a memony function to prevent nuisance colour change.
Warm dimming performs like a halogen.
Warm dimming down light is dimmed from 100% to 1%, their colour temperture changes smoothly from a cool 3000K to warm and cosy 2000K.
This technological breakthrough improves the dimming performance to follow exactly the dimming curve of familiar galogen lamps and at the same time enables the LED downlights to emit a warmer light as they are dimmed. You have the choice to manipulate many different application requirements while maintaining the beauty of traditional dimming, perfect for creating a more relaxing atmosphere after a hard day or for setting the mood at special occasions in residential buildings, hotels, restaurants and bars.
The benefits of warm dimming contain strongly compatibility& Easily set up and adjustable lighting stmosphere, energy saving.