New products for northern Europe of Vertex’s

In the Year of 2018, Vertex’s home led lighting R&D department is trying to develop some new products for the conference room. We believe our customers would impressived by their simple designs and a modern looks.
The product has not been officially launched yet and is still in the testing phase. Because of the existence of the smart installer, its distinctive feature of the conference room lights is that the installation is especially simple. This advantage saves a lot of installation costs in each case, including time and expense. 
As is well-known,in Europe, labor costs are more expensive. If we use this product, it will bring us great convenience.
The market is always changing and so is the customer demand. We will keep an eye on the world and keep innovating for customers with better product experience! Because our Vertex 's purpose is to be the leader of customized lighting in China, to be the world's outstanding intelligent life brand enterprise!
Vertex’s mission is to have a safer, better life and work environment for people!