Smartphone app analyzes architectural LED lighting's social impact

LED lighting solutions provider Philips Lighting has launched an app designed to help cities and owners of sites to collect accurate feedback on the social and media impact of public lighting projects.

Information from the social impact analytics app will help authorities to facilitate better engagement with citizens, improve strategies to boost tourism and enhance value for the local economy.

The app is the result of a collaboration between Philips Lighting and enterprise software specialist SAP SE, merging image analytics developed by Philips Lighting, which identifies architectural lighting photos of landmark installations on social platforms such as Instagram, with SAP's Cloud Platform which collates data on what is being posted on social media and news sites, about a given piece of architecture. The result is a set of metrics formed by public opinion, measuring sentiment about architectural lighting for a specific building or monument.

The app illustrates how technology can help to quantify the return on investment for architectural lighting. For example, data from the app will help city authorities to identify the most popular lighting displays and refine lighting strategies to best meet the needs of their local community. This is becoming increasingly important as individuals interact with their environment in new and innovative ways; for example, the lighting of a bridge might be sponsored by a charity which allows donors to vote for their preferred lighting design. Also, in a world where cities strive to find new and innovative ways to be smarter, the social impact analytics app may be used to create new business opportunities for the local economy.