The key Point To Enter The Era Of Human-Caused Lighting

This is the key point for intelligent lighting to enter the era of human-caused lighting.

Philips and Osram, and other giants have spent time in recent years, introduced a multiple networking lighting solutions, these solutions will be the decisive factor of development of home  LED lighting industry in the intelligence field continues to grow rapidly. there are two key factors in the first, the industry must have a standardized open and interoperable platform, can apply to most of the  lighting control; Second, manufacturers can not ignore the cost of from traditional to digital lighting, and possibly continue to improve the efficiency that has to be smartphones have & traditionally we use the switch sensor and wall controller to control the lighting, however, people want more and more anytime and anywhere via smartphones to monitor the state of the remote device and control.


The importance of smartphone control:

As time goes on, the importance of smartphones and other mobile devices will no doubt increase the technology has become the control center of our daily life, enables us to work on the trip, and our social life through social media management & lighting has become another part of our life, can be controlled via mobile devices


How does a smartphone connect to lighting?

here are three different layers of connectivity (C1,C2, and C3) that define how smartphones connect to lighting. Each layer of the explanation is primarily based on low-power bluetooth (BLE) technology because of its huge potential and wide acceptance across the industry.