The stronger the ability, the greater the responsibility

There was a warm scene in Enping town, Jiangmen city in the Feb of 2018.Laurence Wu and Lisa Liu brought daily supplies to eight poor families. Every family has a child in school, who is growing in age, but because of a lack of family finances, they are undernourished and physically small.
This time we brought some food to visit these poor families, and then we will fund the students of these eight families in the form of grants in every month for the next two years.
The children are very happy and moved, and here we took some photos of them. We noticed that the walls are decorated with a variety of awards, which are proof of the children's good grades.They just like the flowers of our motherland, we took good care of the flowers. They would contribute to our country when they grow up!
“The stronger our ability, the greater our responsibility!” Laurence Wu said, we will help more children who need help in the future. Charity is not a show, we VERTEX LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL CO.,LTD sincerely wish all children to breathe the same air and grow up under the same blue sky!
This is the mission and responsibility of VERTEX as a private commercial lighting manufacturers that recision actively implement the national poverty alleviation policy and policy. VERTEX will perserve, give full play to the advantages of enterprise capital, talent and innovation, and actively explore a long-term mechanism for poverty alleviation, render to help more people.