Time&Labor saving product Vertex STM6284

As a core value to change innovative enterprises, VERTEX LIGHTING ADN ELECTRICAL CO.,LTD always to satisfy the needs of customer groups to constantly create surprises!
New quick install connection is one of the feature for STM6284, which has a 360 degree rotation Angle. 
This down light led product is easy to install and disassemble, it is very convenient to operate.
For power supply, we use constant current output DC350mA without stroboscopic low noise isolation drive power supply.
The lamp has a life span of 3,000 hours.
STM6284 is simple and modern, suitable for a wide range of applications.Living room, bar, hallway, open kitchen and so on.
Our VERTEX’s core values are user value, team spirit, innovation and professionalism!
Working for people with a safer, better life and work environment is our mission.