What Is Surface Mounted Downlight?

LED surface mounted smart downlights are developed on the basis of traditional downlights with using new LED lighting sources. Compared with traditional downlights, it has the following advantages: energy saving, low carbon, long lifespan, good color rendering and fast response. 
led surface mounted downlights
The design of the surface mounted LED downlight is more beautiful and light, and the overall uniformity and perfection of the architectural decoration can be achieved during installation. The light of the surface mounted downlight is sufficient and the range is wide. Generally speaking, the shape of the downlights will be more beautiful, fashionable, and usually used in the living room, bedroom and other places. In contrast, the traditional downlights have a smaller illumination range and are suitable for installation in aisles, kitchens and bathrooms where the area is relatively small.
surfaced mounted led downlight
Vertex Lighting launches new product 360 tilt cube surface mounted downlight with 5 years warranty. It is very easy to install, time and labor saving, reduce installation costs. Simple and stylish design which can be used in some indoor environments without ceilings, such as office, hotel, airport, retail store etc,. More information please search Vertex Lighting 360 Cube Down light via YouTube.