Aug 22 2020

What are the characteristics of 240v led downlight

240v led downlight is one of the current LED lighting products, which can meet the general lighting needs of indoor lighting. 240v led downlight has the advantages of light and thin, high brightness, no flicker, no radia

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Aug 17 2020

What should I do if the led ceiling spotlights is broken and it keeps flashing?

Many people now have lamps installed in their homes. In addition to the lamps used for lighting, they will also install some spotlights, such as those installed on the ceiling of the TV wall. Then these Led ceiling spotl

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Sep 02 2020

What's Commercial lighting ?

Commercial lighting is lighting used for commercial spaces such as offices, stores, institutions, hospitals and government buildings, essentially those spaces that are not residential, industrial or for manufacturing.

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Jul 28 2019

How to change the bulb with waterproof recessed led downlight

The use of waterproof recessed led downlight makes the indoor more warm, but after a long time of use, it is also easy to damage, so it needs to be replaced and repaired in time to avoid affecting daily life. So how to r

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Oct 25 2019

How do we choose Anti-Glare led downlight?

Downlights and spotlights are common household lamps. Among them, there are many types of downlights, such as Anti-Glare led downlight. So, how to choose Anti-Glare led downlight? 1. When choosing the panel material:

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