Sep 06 2020

Unified Glare Rating

UGR stands for Unified Glare Rating. The UGR rating helps to determine how likely a luminaire and its operation in a room are to cause discomfort to those around it, taking account of the eye level and direction of view

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Dec 11 2020

High CRI LED lights. Are they worth the hype?

What is CRI?CRI as an acronym for Colour Rendering Index. Colour Rendering Index is a scale to 100. The higher the CRI rating, the closer light it produces is to natural sunlight or good halogen lamp. Essentially, CRI is

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Dec 31 2020

Eye doctor Q&A: How to protect eyes from led light ?

As a kid - and maybe even as an adult - you might have been afraid of the dark. But should we be more afraid of light? We know UV light can be damaging to our skin, and recent studieshave shown that UV light and c

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Jan 08 2021

Spotlights VS Downlights - What's the difference ?

Consumers often get mixed up with spotlights and downlights, let me explain the difference. A spotlight is a surface mounted light fitted that either has a single, double, tripe or quad spots. They are frequently used in

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Jan 10 2021

Which beam angle do i need ?

Every light source from an LED to a simple wax candle has got a beam angle. A beam angle is a measurement of how the light is distributed. GU10 LEDs and recessed downlights have a fairly narrow beam of around 40 degrees,

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