1 Fire-rated downlight for UK
1”Asia-Pacific manufadturer of fire-lated LED recessed trim meeting UL263


260+ patent applications


5-year warranty, life span up to 40,000 hours.


Established in 2000, with 22 years' experience for European market.

Working for a Safer and Better World

We are proud of our company and lighting career we are dedicated to, because we are doing something for a safer and better environment for people. Our work is far beyond our company’s particular interests.
- To concentrate our efforts and resources on fire safety and electrical safety of lighting products, making homes to be safer.
- To upgrade lighting products and their quality through innovation, making a better living and working environment for people.
- To be honest and cooperate fairly with trade partners, which allow us to meet our company ambition and mission, and which allow our career to last forever.
- Each of us to be a good citizen and our company to be a good example of social responsibility.
CEO of Vertex: Laurence Wu.


Tell you how to remove the led downlightTell you how to remove the led downlight

LED downlight is an improved product developed on the basis of the application of led downlight brand. Energy saving, low carbon, long life, good color rendering, and fast response speed are all its advantages. However,

How to solve the problem of led downlight packaging failure

When using LED downlights, the worry is that the lights will not turn on. For now, don't blame the environment. Wrong installation methods, protective measures and excessive power supply are important reasons that ca

Lunimaires can be covered with insulation material, no extra box required, saving space and cost.

Why are insulation compatible LED downlights and drivers necessary in the ceiling ? Building regulations require that insulation material is laid unbrokenly over the whole ceiling area to avoid heat loss through gaps
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