CCT Ceiling Light

Raphael Ceiling Light Smooth Dimming

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Flicker free 

No noise

Eye Care

0~100% smooth dimming

5 years warranty


Detailed specification of Ceiling light CCT for Dimming:

Model Power Size Lumens CCT Bean Angle CRI IP Rated Certification
Rap300D 18W φ300x50mm 1200lm yes 110° Ra80/Ra90 IP54 CE(LVD+EMC)
Rap400D 24W φ400x50mm 1500lm yes 110° Ra80/Ra90 IP54 CE(LVD+EMC)


Adantage in

  • High Energy Coversion Efficiency
  • High Power Factor (PF>0.9)
  • High Lumious Efficiency
  • Excellent Dimming Performance
  • Flicker-free
  • Low Noise and Low Radiation

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