5.8GHz Sensor Ceiling Light

Ultra-thin Slice Ceiling light Microwave Motion Sensor

Microwave Motion Sensor

Flicker free 

No noise

5 years warranty



  • Compared with the infrared sensor module, the sensing distance is farther and the angle is wider, no dead zone, no lens and lens aging problems
  • Unaffected by temperature, humidity, airflow, dust, noise, light and darkness, etc., strong anti-interference ability
  • Can penetrate acrylic, glass and thin non-metallic materials
  • Built-in MCU, embedded with multiple digital filtering algorithms, with higher noise immunity
  • Can meet the latest European ERP requirements: standby power consumption< 0.5W

Detailed specification of Microware Sensor Control:


Model Power Size Lumens Senor Bean Angle CRI IP Rated Certification
Sli250M 16W φ250x20mm 1150lm yes 110° Ra80/Ra90 IP54 CE(LVD+EMC)
Sli320M 20W φ320x20mm 1420lm yes 110° Ra80/Ra90 IP54 CE(LVD+EMC)
Sli380M 36W φ380x20mm 2400lm yes 110° Ra80/Ra90 IP54 CE(LVD+EMC)
Sli480M 48W φ480x20mm 3500lm yes 110° Ra80/Ra90 IP54 CE(LVD+EMC)


Advantage in:

  • High Energy Coversion Efficiency
  • High Power Factory (PF>0.9)
  • High Lumious Efficiency
  • Excellent Dimming Performance
  • Flicker-free Low
  • Noise and Low Radiation

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